Commercial Site Audits + Reports

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Our site audits provide you a comprehensive summary of potential dangers such as where ceilings may not be compliant, or where rectification and/or further maintenance works required because work has not been completed to the industry standard. These areas are often unseen by customers, staff and management but could cause harm if left unattended.

Working with some of the biggest retailers in Australia, our proprietary reporting systems and documentation have set a new benchmark in the industry.

We leave no stone unturned compiling our comprehensive site audits, so you can be 100% confident that you have an accurate and realistic snapshot of what rectification works may be required – and in what order of priority.

We work with maintenance managers; project managers; site or contract managers. We have licensed builders and various qualified trades to fulfil your maintenance programs and ensure that your offices, retail outlets, hotels or commercial premises are fully compliant and safe for both employees and customers.

A comprehensive site audit and report from Benchmark can help you:

  • Identify safety hazards before they become an issue or cause harm
  • Negotiate tenancy agreements and necessary remediation works with your building management or body corporate
  • Ensure your ceiling is compliant. We can provide an independent audit of work completed by visiting trades and ensure works have been completed to the industry standard and all debris removed
  • Make sure your ceiling won’t cause harm by assessing if there is any risk of items falling from heights onto employees or customers
  • Identify what “hidden” maintenance or potential dangers need to be addressed. This typically includes above ceiling tiles, a gyprock ceiling, or on the roof. But can also include bollards, handrails, signage, monitor supports and back of house.

Benchmark Group will identify the issue, provide photographic evidence and a written explanation of the problem, along with recommended completion dates.

Why Work with Benchmark Group

Thorough Technicians

Our experienced team deliver the highest standard of remediation works and don’t cut corners.

Value for Money

Our work ethic is unmatched. We have established robust systems so we can complete rectification works safely and efficiently.

Zero Defects

We have never had to return and fix any defects after our workmanship has been examined by independent auditors.

Minimal Disruptions

Our project timelines are deliberately designed to fix problems quickly, with minimal disruptions to normal operations.

Detailed Reporting

We’ve set the industry benchmark for the most detailed and contextual reports that make rectification works easy – and are fully compliant.


We are accredited to Work at Heights, on Boom Lifts and Elevated Work Platforms, operate forklifts and work within confined spaces.

Name & Reputation

Our business name is everything to us. We have worked very hard to build a good reputation and continually deliver a standard above all others.

Specialist Tools

We have the right tools and equipment for the job meaning we will complete your remediation works efficiently and to the highest standard.

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